What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good for?

If you’re interested in a game that is interactive, fun and exciting, then Escape Hull is definitely for you. We work hard to make it perfect so when you come here you have a great time.  You may have been thinking about coming for a while and you’ve wondered to yourself what type of an event an Escape Room is good for. We’d love to see you here, so we’ll tell you all about some of the people we see here all the time, and hopefully, it’ll make you want to come yourself.

Corporate teams

The reason why corporate teams love Escape is that it’s the perfect way to assess skills which are essential in the workplace. If you want to create a new team for a new project you have in mind, you could handpick your potentials and bring them here to see who’s got the best skills. You’ll be able to see who needs more training, who is best for particular tasks. The most important skills are of course problem-solving, communication and logical/analytical skills – and it’s also a great way to get everyone together and out of the office.


What do you want to celebrate? Perhaps it’s a birthday, anniversary, passing an exam or a driving test. Whatever it is, the Escape Room Games are the best way to celebrate a super special event. Find and solve the clues, win the game and then spend some quality time discussing it later at your favourite haunt, what’s not to love?

Students love it here

Yes, students love to come to Escape Rooms it’s the perfect way to escape the drudgery of deadlines and exams. Yes, they leave all that behind for an hour. Here they can spend time with friends, catch up with their nearest and dearest and just forget about everything.

Date night

Yes, couples come here for a new way to spend their first date. It beats those awkward glances and long silences you want to end, and it’s a really great way to break the ice. Forget all the awkwardness and come down to Escape Games Hull where you’ll spend an hour finding and solving clues within the best hour of your life. When it’s over you’ll be exhausted, happy, and you’ll be glad you did and then be ready to talk about your escapades down the pub. 

Escape Hull – the best event you’ll ever take part in

So, there you have it, the typical events we see at Escape Room Games. Will you be here for a birthday, a corporate team event or a special wedding anniversary? Perhaps you’re on your first date or you’re celebrating finishing university. Whatever it is we’d love it if you celebrated it here with us, at Escape Games Hull. Book your room over the phone or online and hopefully, we’ll see you here very soon!