5 Fantastic Team Building Activities

If you want your team to thrive then team building activities could be the way forward. If you have an upcoming project that requires forward thinking, a group of people who can work cohesively, and who all know how to use each other’s strengths and weaknesses to great effect, then sending your people on a team building exercise could be highly beneficial. We often see corporate teams come to our escape Hull games, so we know how useful people find them. Below are 5 of our best team building activities, so you can take advantage yourself. Naturally, we’re biased, and believe our escape rooms to be the best in team building, but read on and decide for yourself. 

1 Team building activities in the office – a game of trivia

If you don’t want to leave the organisation building, then the simplest way is to clear a conference room for the day and use it for your team building activities. It’s the cheapest and most convenient way to do this if your business is on a tight budget. Office trivia is one example. You’ll need to come up with around 20 to 30 trivia questions which centre around your organisation. Then split your teams into 2 or 3 smaller groups and pitch them against each other. You’ll have a great opportunity to get new people to bond, break the ice and also, you’ll see everyone’s strengths and weaknesses close to hand. Who’s the potential leader, who’s the most confident, the problem-solver, the introverted key thinker?

2 Community work

Perhaps not a game as such, but a beautiful way of getting people to take part in something good for the sake of the community. Yes, a community project can just be for a few work hours a day. You can get a team together, possibly a team you’d ideally like to work on your new project, and this is a great way of seeing whether you’ve made the right choices. Get all of the team working on it, it could be anything from clearing the area outside of rubbish or cleaning the local beach or helping out at an elderly community centre. It can be anything that best illustrates your company values and ethos.

3 Military circuit training

Yes, these do exist, and it will also mean a day away from the office. It’ll get the team out for the day, and it’ll give them so much needed fresh air and some much-needed fun. They’ll need to be reasonably fit, so it may not suit everyone if you have team members with health issues, but it may still be worthwhile. 

These military style circuit training activities are usually outside and feature many exercises that require all sorts of forward thinking and physical dexterity. Depending on their design, they may not feature much in the way of team building per se, with team members working on their own individual performance, but keep an eye out for those who cheer each other on and help their fellow team members to the finish line.

4 Scavenger Hunt

Again, another outdoors one where team members get to spend the day hunting for pictures and other items that offer clues in finding the answer to a puzzle or lead to a prize, first to the finish line wins. This is often one of the most fun team building activities but may take some effort to put together and can cover a wide area, so be prepared for some serious forward planning.

5 Escape Rooms

Yup, this is one we definitely endorse, and we are bias, but we believe this is by far one of the best ways of testing your team members metal and finding their strengths and weaknesses in one concentrated spot.  You can split your team into two separate groups and put them in different rooms where they can try and beat each other, or one team per room. Once they’re entered into the themed room of their choice (yes, each room has its own theme), they will be locked in and have 60 minutes in which to escape. 

A Bit More About Escape Rooms

They’ll have to find and then work out several puzzles and clues in order to escape. It’ll take cunning, problem solving skills by the bucket load and team working. Can they get out in time? Can they work together? And who demonstrates leadership qualities, but is still able to let everyone shine? Who’s got good cognitive skills, maths, or the simple ability to listen? Perhaps you’re looking for a high level of communication skills? It’s the best team building activity out there and we have the figures to prove it. We have corporate teams visiting us on a regular basis and they get so much out of it, as well as a much-deserved day away from the office. Why not book your escape room today and bring your team down for the best team building activity there is?

Benefits of Team Building Activities

The benefits of team building activities can make such a difference to your corporate team. We find this to be the case when bosses bring their team here to try it out for themselves. It always goes down well. The reasons for this are tenfold. There’s so much to watch and learn while you’re here and your team get to have a well-earned break from the office.

We’re here today to discuss the benefits of team building and hopefully you’ll be convinced enough to bring your own team here yourselves. We know that we work hard to create the kind of experience that everyone benefits from, friends, family and of course those here on team building activities.


If you have a project coming up and you’ve noticed a lack of communication between team members it could be a problem somewhere down the line. If there have been disagreements, confused messages, lack of understanding of what’s being asked of individual members, then it could be down to a lack of good communication. This needs to be worked on before your project starts. You could also have team members who are introverts who lack the ability to communicate well and find it difficult coming out of their shell.

Team building exercises such as ours are ideal for this type of problem. They’ll have plenty of opportunity to communicate when they’re locked up in an escape room, in fact they’ll have to if they want to find all the clues and puzzles, then work them out if they want to escape. 

Let your team get to know each other better

At escape games Hull we see people come together and work their way out of a locked room only to discover they all know each other much better than when they went in. It’s an opportunity for people to bond, and this in turn could help with boosting team performance once that project starts - when it matters. 

Competitiveness, increased production and bragging rights

It also gives them a healthy dose of competitiveness which can help increase production back at the office, in fact this has proved to be the case. Channeling their efforts into a friendly competition gives them bragging rights and an opportunity to let themselves go and have fun.

Let your team celebrate those wins and have some well deserved fun -  you’ll reap the rewards later

And yes, there’s room for fun and motivation, giving them the ideal opportunities to celebrate their wins later over drinks and back at the office later. The cheering, celebrations and the fun there is to be had when they take part can really motivate your employees, and that can only be good news when you’re starting something new and demanding.

Escape Hull - Premier Escape Rooms

If we’ve now convinced you of the benefits of escape rooms, then perhaps you’d like to get in touch and book your room? There’s so much fun to be had with us here at Escape Hull that we know you're going to be taking so much back to your office and reaping the benefits in terms of increased production, communication and newly identified skills and strengths. It’s all win-win, so why not give us a call today and book your room?