What are Escape Rooms?

As you may know our Escape Room Games are extremely popular – they bring people back time and again because they’re so much fun. Our Escape Rooms in particular are extremely popular. This is because we’ve worked hard to capture the imagination of our most famous and most well-known themes from mainstream culture and populated our rooms with them. They help to make the room not only more immersive but huge fun for the players.

Well Known Themes

As we’ve already mentioned our themes are based on ideas taken from popular culture, it could be a board game, a book, a film or a TV series. We furnish the rooms with furniture and accessories from the chosen theme, creating a believable room that captures the imagination, and we guarantee it will take you away to a whole different world. Cities all over the UK come up with their own individual Escape Rooms but there is some crossover, and some of them are identical. Each set of Escape Rooms in each town or city will have individual themes but some are so popular they’re replicated in a couple of places. We love to surprise people though, so when you come to us, we will have different rooms from another town or city where they also have Escape Room Games.

We believe we’ve created a truly unique and original game, and the Escape Rooms form a great part of why it works, it’s not just the idea or the game itself. We’re all about creating an immersive, escape-from-reality game that you can truly get stuck into and forget your troubles for a short time.

Escape Games Hull – the best way to get away from it all

We hope you liked what you’ve read today. We do, that’s why we constantly striving to make our Escape Rooms better and better each time you visit. It’s the perfect way to lose yourself in your imagination in controlled conditions where you can share the fun with friends and family and let your hair down. It’s quite possibly the best and most perfect way to end a working day and get out from under your desk. Get out of the office and come down and play the game that everyone loves the most. Book online or over the phone and get yourselves down here pronto!