The Games at Escape Hull

We’d love you to take a look around our Escape Rooms because we think you’re going to love them. They’re all about intrigue, excitement, playing against the clock and seeing whether you have what it takes to work out the riddles and clues and get out in time. All of our themed rooms are imaginatively put together with no effort spared in making sure the details, no matter how small, are as perfect as they can be. We think you’re going to love what we’ve done and can’t wait to see you down here.


A virus has broken out, you have it. There are two things you can do, sit there and wait for it to kill you, or you can try and find a vaccine from a medical facility - yes your Escape Room doubles as the medical facility. You find the vaccine and now you have to escape - there’s a timer, 60 minutes, can you get out in time and save the world?

221B Baker Street

Yes, there’s Sherlock Holmes and some code breaking involved. There’s a challenge that would leave even Watson nonplussed. You’ve been enlisted by the great Moriarty and you must break into Baker Street and retrieve something important. Can you do it within the hour before Holmes and Watson find you?


The clue’s in the title. You’ve been tricked by a nasty serial killer and you need to help the hostages escape from him. Can you get them and you out within the 60 minutes?


There are a lot of puzzles in this room, that’s because it’s a room full of puzzles within a giant puzzle - confusing enough d’you think? Question is, how good are you at finding your way out?

Witchcraft & Wizardry

Your wand has been hidden and you’ll have to search the castle to find it before the bell rings for class. Can you utilise your trusty band of witches and wizards to find it? Enter the castle at your peril and find that pesky wand!

Darker Side of Hull

What’s this about? A room that is all about the dark and mysterious museum of Hull, with some surprises you won’t forget, but can you escape? If you encounter this room and decide to go in, your precious 60 minutes to work out the clues and puzzles will be sorely tested to the limit. Get out or remain locked in the secretive museum.

Escape Hull - for the best themed rooms you’ll ever encounter

Now you know what type of rooms there at Escape Hull - and let’s face it they’re pretty amazing, you’ll be eager to challenge yourself and test your luck against the clock. Book online or over the phone and we’ll see you here.