Escape from Your Studies

If you’re a student at university then you’ll be feeling the stress. What with the deadlines, the books, the online research, the articles, sometimes it feels like it just never ends. All you really need is a break, one that will take you out of yourself and your room. 

Escape Hull can provide the perfect antidote to your misery.

Our Escape Rooms help you to escape your studies and provide an hour of fun with your peers, or other friends and family. There could be students you know who haven’t yet broken the ice with their fellow peers and are feeling a little bit out of it. Possibly, you’re feeling that way yourself. If that’s the case, then by coming down to Escape you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get to know those who you’ve not had an opportunity to talk to yet, and also introduce like-minded individuals who are feeling a little left out. 

Put your phones down and start talking.

All our rooms are engineered to provoke problem solving skills, analytical and communication skills and team building. It may sound too much like school – but trust us, it isn’t. It’s more about having fun and pushing you to communicate, delegate, talk and engage – without the aid of tablets, phones or laptops. 

Do you have what it takes?

What happens is this – you’re locked in a room for 60 minutes, and in that time, you have to find several clues and puzzles and solve them. You will do this in order to escape the room, by finding the key and unlocking it. You have to find all the clues and work them out or nothing will make sense, and you’ll still be in the room after an hour, and you will have failed. You’ll need to be able to speak to each other and communicate with each other, because if you don’t you considerably lessen your chance of winning.

So then, if you all work together, you’ll have a better chance of escaping.

You’ll need to look everywhere to find the clues and then find a place to store them while you search for the rest. What will happen is that once you’e amerced in it, you’ll forget all about your studies, and those dreaded deadlines, because you’re be too busy enjoying yourself. It’s the perfect getaway for students, and we know because we see enough of them coming in to try it out. 

Escape Hull – for the perfect escape from your studies.

If you think you’ve had enough of the student life then take a break from it and come down to us here at Escape Hull, where you can play the game everyone’s talking about and forget all about it for one hour. After that, yes, you can go back to thinking about deadlines, but we’re hoping you’ll be feeling a lot more refreshed after you’ve spent some time with us. So, book your room online or over the phone – we can’t wait to see you.