Escape Hull - Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

There are a lot of reasons why escape rooms are popular with the general public and we’d like to share some of them with you today. Many different types of people congregate here to take part in the games because they get so much out of it. We want you to enjoy it as well, and for it to be an experience you’d like to repeat more than once, so read on and find out about the kinds of people who are coming to Escape Games Hull.

Team building with corporate teams.

Yes, corporate team use Escape Rooms to fulfil their brief on identifying key skills needed in the workplace, skills such as logic and the ability to analyse, problem solve, delegate and communicate and as a way for new team members to bond and get to know each other. If you have a team that’s going to be working on the same project, it pays to get them together in a unique way like this so they can bond over something fun and original.

Themed rooms.

Yes, all the rooms have a unique theme that’s based on something from popular culture. They’re furnished and decorated in the chosen theme and all clues are hidden within the room, at the top of door frames and even at carpet level. Leave no stone unturned. It’s an original way of tuning out of tablets and screens and tuning in to a real-life game where you can lose yourself in your imagination. Sometimes there’s two of the same themed room, if it’s a popular theme, and all are so detailed and beautifully set out it’s no wonder people come here again and again.

Celebrate both the big and the small things.

It’s a great way to celebrate big and important events or smaller yet just as important ones. It’s a great way for celebrating milestones, and this could be anything from a birthday to celebrating passing your driving test or even as the venue for a hen or stag do. What’s not to like about that? It may not be important to anyone else, but if it’s important to you then it’s worth celebrating. 

Escape Games Hull – for an hour of celebratory fun!

For any celebrations or skills you’re searching for, this is definitely a game that delivers on all levels. It’s the most imaginative and unique use of your time with friends or work colleagues and it’s also the kind of game you could play more than once, and we often do get people coming back again and again to play the game because that’s how much fun it is. Book your room online or over the phone, that is once you’ve chosen your theme. Then you just turn up and you’re guaranteed a warm welcome! We’ll see you there!