The Benefits of Brain Teasers and Puzzles

Today we’re talking about the benefits of brain teasers and puzzles. Our escape games aren’t there just for fun, they’re also for your benefit because as well as keeping you occupied for an hour, they’re also incredibly helpful at keeping your brain active. Read on to find out why escape games Hull are of benefit to your brain.

Brain teasers and puzzles are great at keeping your brain active. 

They keep your mind sharp and are considered important in helping to keep your mind and body healthy. Of course, exercise and a healthy diet all play their part, but it’s also important to keep your brain active, so rather then spending your spare time in front of the TV why don’t you try a brain activity game?

Any brain games, Sudoku, lateral thinking games, maths, general knowledge quizzes. 

It doesn’t have to be our escape games, although they’re obviously designed to get your brain working on our clues and puzzles, but it could be anything where you have to unravel, think carefully and work out certain problems. These problems could be solved in a number of different ways, it could be numerically, via language or problem-solving.

Keep yourself grey matter as fresh as a daisy for longer

What brain teasers have been known for is keeping dementia and senility away for longer. It doesn’t offer a cure, but by keeping your brain active, you’re keeping your mind sharp. Rather than by doing repetitive work you help to keep your memory sharp and your cognitive skills well honed. This relates to everyone. You also reduce boredom and remain active. Keep in mind however, that you need to consider changing what you do on a regular basis as your brain will soon get bored of doing the same thing over and over again.

Escape Hull – where your brain is given the best workout it’ll ever get.

Yes, come on down to Escape Hull and you can indulge all your senses in a 1-hour game of problem solving locked in a themed room. Find the clues, work them out, unlock them all using your scintillating brain power and then, whether you work it all out in 60 minutes or not, come back and do it all again. Book your room online or by phone, we’re here for you and we can’t wait to see you.