What are Escape Rooms?

As you may know our Escape Room Games are extremely popular – they bring people back time and again because they’re so much fun. Our Escape Rooms in particular are extremely popular. This is because we’ve worked hard to capture the imagination of our most famous and most well-known themes from mainstream culture and populated our rooms with them. They help to make the room not only more immersive but huge fun for the players.

Well Known Themes

As we’ve already mentioned our themes are based on ideas taken from popular culture, it could be a board game, a book, a film or a TV series. We furnish the rooms with furniture and accessories from the chosen theme, creating a believable room that captures the imagination, and we guarantee it will take you away to a whole different world. Cities all over the UK come up with their own individual Escape Rooms but there is some crossover, and some of them are identical. Each set of Escape Rooms in each town or city will have individual themes but some are so popular they’re replicated in a couple of places. We love to surprise people though, so when you come to us, we will have different rooms from another town or city where they also have Escape Room Games.

We believe we’ve created a truly unique and original game, and the Escape Rooms form a great part of why it works, it’s not just the idea or the game itself. We’re all about creating an immersive, escape-from-reality game that you can truly get stuck into and forget your troubles for a short time.

Escape Games Hull – the best way to get away from it all

We hope you liked what you’ve read today. We do, that’s why we constantly striving to make our Escape Rooms better and better each time you visit. It’s the perfect way to lose yourself in your imagination in controlled conditions where you can share the fun with friends and family and let your hair down. It’s quite possibly the best and most perfect way to end a working day and get out from under your desk. Get out of the office and come down and play the game that everyone loves the most. Book online or over the phone and get yourselves down here pronto!

The Games at Escape Hull

We’d love you to take a look around our Escape Rooms because we think you’re going to love them. They’re all about intrigue, excitement, playing against the clock and seeing whether you have what it takes to work out the riddles and clues and get out in time. All of our themed rooms are imaginatively put together with no effort spared in making sure the details, no matter how small, are as perfect as they can be. We think you’re going to love what we’ve done and can’t wait to see you down here.


A virus has broken out, you have it. There are two things you can do, sit there and wait for it to kill you, or you can try and find a vaccine from a medical facility - yes your Escape Room doubles as the medical facility. You find the vaccine and now you have to escape - there’s a timer, 60 minutes, can you get out in time and save the world?

221B Baker Street

Yes, there’s Sherlock Holmes and some code breaking involved. There’s a challenge that would leave even Watson nonplussed. You’ve been enlisted by the great Moriarty and you must break into Baker Street and retrieve something important. Can you do it within the hour before Holmes and Watson find you?


The clue’s in the title. You’ve been tricked by a nasty serial killer and you need to help the hostages escape from him. Can you get them and you out within the 60 minutes?


There are a lot of puzzles in this room, that’s because it’s a room full of puzzles within a giant puzzle - confusing enough d’you think? Question is, how good are you at finding your way out?

Witchcraft & Wizardry

Your wand has been hidden and you’ll have to search the castle to find it before the bell rings for class. Can you utilise your trusty band of witches and wizards to find it? Enter the castle at your peril and find that pesky wand!

Darker Side of Hull

What’s this about? A room that is all about the dark and mysterious museum of Hull, with some surprises you won’t forget, but can you escape? If you encounter this room and decide to go in, your precious 60 minutes to work out the clues and puzzles will be sorely tested to the limit. Get out or remain locked in the secretive museum.

Escape Hull - for the best themed rooms you’ll ever encounter

Now you know what type of rooms there at Escape Hull - and let’s face it they’re pretty amazing, you’ll be eager to challenge yourself and test your luck against the clock. Book online or over the phone and we’ll see you here.

Escape Hull - Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

There are a lot of reasons why escape rooms are popular with the general public and we’d like to share some of them with you today. Many different types of people congregate here to take part in the games because they get so much out of it. We want you to enjoy it as well, and for it to be an experience you’d like to repeat more than once, so read on and find out about the kinds of people who are coming to Escape Games Hull.

Team building with corporate teams.

Yes, corporate team use Escape Rooms to fulfil their brief on identifying key skills needed in the workplace, skills such as logic and the ability to analyse, problem solve, delegate and communicate and as a way for new team members to bond and get to know each other. If you have a team that’s going to be working on the same project, it pays to get them together in a unique way like this so they can bond over something fun and original.

Themed rooms.

Yes, all the rooms have a unique theme that’s based on something from popular culture. They’re furnished and decorated in the chosen theme and all clues are hidden within the room, at the top of door frames and even at carpet level. Leave no stone unturned. It’s an original way of tuning out of tablets and screens and tuning in to a real-life game where you can lose yourself in your imagination. Sometimes there’s two of the same themed room, if it’s a popular theme, and all are so detailed and beautifully set out it’s no wonder people come here again and again.

Celebrate both the big and the small things.

It’s a great way to celebrate big and important events or smaller yet just as important ones. It’s a great way for celebrating milestones, and this could be anything from a birthday to celebrating passing your driving test or even as the venue for a hen or stag do. What’s not to like about that? It may not be important to anyone else, but if it’s important to you then it’s worth celebrating. 

Escape Games Hull – for an hour of celebratory fun!

For any celebrations or skills you’re searching for, this is definitely a game that delivers on all levels. It’s the most imaginative and unique use of your time with friends or work colleagues and it’s also the kind of game you could play more than once, and we often do get people coming back again and again to play the game because that’s how much fun it is. Book your room online or over the phone, that is once you’ve chosen your theme. Then you just turn up and you’re guaranteed a warm welcome! We’ll see you there!

Escape from Your Studies

If you’re a student at university then you’ll be feeling the stress. What with the deadlines, the books, the online research, the articles, sometimes it feels like it just never ends. All you really need is a break, one that will take you out of yourself and your room. 

Escape Hull can provide the perfect antidote to your misery.

Our Escape Rooms help you to escape your studies and provide an hour of fun with your peers, or other friends and family. There could be students you know who haven’t yet broken the ice with their fellow peers and are feeling a little bit out of it. Possibly, you’re feeling that way yourself. If that’s the case, then by coming down to Escape you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get to know those who you’ve not had an opportunity to talk to yet, and also introduce like-minded individuals who are feeling a little left out. 

Put your phones down and start talking.

All our rooms are engineered to provoke problem solving skills, analytical and communication skills and team building. It may sound too much like school – but trust us, it isn’t. It’s more about having fun and pushing you to communicate, delegate, talk and engage – without the aid of tablets, phones or laptops. 

Do you have what it takes?

What happens is this – you’re locked in a room for 60 minutes, and in that time, you have to find several clues and puzzles and solve them. You will do this in order to escape the room, by finding the key and unlocking it. You have to find all the clues and work them out or nothing will make sense, and you’ll still be in the room after an hour, and you will have failed. You’ll need to be able to speak to each other and communicate with each other, because if you don’t you considerably lessen your chance of winning.

So then, if you all work together, you’ll have a better chance of escaping.

You’ll need to look everywhere to find the clues and then find a place to store them while you search for the rest. What will happen is that once you’e amerced in it, you’ll forget all about your studies, and those dreaded deadlines, because you’re be too busy enjoying yourself. It’s the perfect getaway for students, and we know because we see enough of them coming in to try it out. 

Escape Hull – for the perfect escape from your studies.

If you think you’ve had enough of the student life then take a break from it and come down to us here at Escape Hull, where you can play the game everyone’s talking about and forget all about it for one hour. After that, yes, you can go back to thinking about deadlines, but we’re hoping you’ll be feeling a lot more refreshed after you’ve spent some time with us. So, book your room online or over the phone – we can’t wait to see you. 

How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

If you’re coming to see us soon here in Hull, and you have your escape room already booked, you’ll be wanting to know how to get out successfully. We’re all for helping our customers, so in this post we’re going to be talking about how you can be successful in an Escape Room and we’ve got all the tips. So, read on and find out how you can be successful and get out of that room by the time the clock strikes on the hour. 

There’s nothing so important as a strong team

A good team with a mix of different useful skills will be a requirement. Perhaps one or two with good analytical, problem-solving skills, another who’s higher on communication skills. You’ll be needing excellent logical thinking, and of course everyone you pick will need to be good at working as part of a team. 

You’ll need to be willing to search every corner

Search high and low as the clues could be hiding just about anywhere. Once you’ve found them all, be sure to collect all of them and keep them in one central place. Don’t discard them and throw them carelessly to one side and move on to find the next clue. It’s likely you’ll forget where you put it and once it’s lost you may well lose the entire game. Keep them once you found them in one place and you can come back to work on them at the end. 

Don’t bring domineering people along

Those that enjoy taking over and telling everyone else what to do is one sure way of losing the game, and increases the potential for arguments. This is a team game, and everyone should be allowed their say. Bring a whole group of people with different personalities and different skills who each have something unique to bring to the table. 

Escape Hull – for the most fun you can have in a locked room

If you now think you can have a crack at it and possibly win, why not book your escape room and come on down? We’d love to see you here and we guarantee that even if you’re not successful you’ll still enjoy yourself, it’s so much fun and we can’t wait to see you here, so book your escape room today. You can do this either online or over the phone. 

Who Visits Escape Hull?

There’s a wide variety of people who visit Escape Hull’s escape rooms and they’re usually from all walks of life. If you’re interested in knowing the kind of people we have coming here before you book a room yourself, then read on while we tell you about the great people we see here all the time. 


We get a lot of students here in Hull. The reason for this is that it provides such a great form of escapism from the humdrum of studying and work. It also provides the perfect opportunity to break the ice with new people, make new connections and generally relax and forget about deadlines and lectures.

Corporate Team Building Activities

Often, companies will bring a small team, it maybe they need to spot who’s in with a chance of a promotion, perhaps they’re looking to exploit skills that haven’t made themselves apparent yet. It could be anything from problem solving-skills, communication, the ability to work things out quickly, perhaps you’re a born team leader or really good at analysing things. Whatever the case team building is becoming a thing and escape rooms are where it’s out when it comes to corporate team building. 


If you’re celebrating a big event such as an impending wedding with a hen or stag do, or you’re celebrating a particularly important milestone birthday the escape rooms are great idea. Escape rooms are perfect for these types of celebrations giving everyone an opportunity to play a game that although only takes an hour, is a real challenge to the senses. You have to pull together as a team and there’s no room for quarrels or time wasting. Do you have what it takes?

Escape Hull - Premier Escape Games

Now you know the type of people who visit Escape Hull, you’ll be ready to book your escape game. They’re all themed so you can take your pick of some of the most popular cultural themes of the 20th and 21st centuries and lose yourself in your imagination. Book online or by phone, our friendly team are here to help, and we can’t wait to see you here. Whether you’re a party of 2 or 6, there’s a room with your name on it, come on down.

The Benefits of Brain Teasers and Puzzles

Today we’re talking about the benefits of brain teasers and puzzles. Our escape games aren’t there just for fun, they’re also for your benefit because as well as keeping you occupied for an hour, they’re also incredibly helpful at keeping your brain active. Read on to find out why escape games Hull are of benefit to your brain.

Brain teasers and puzzles are great at keeping your brain active. 

They keep your mind sharp and are considered important in helping to keep your mind and body healthy. Of course, exercise and a healthy diet all play their part, but it’s also important to keep your brain active, so rather then spending your spare time in front of the TV why don’t you try a brain activity game?

Any brain games, Sudoku, lateral thinking games, maths, general knowledge quizzes. 

It doesn’t have to be our escape games, although they’re obviously designed to get your brain working on our clues and puzzles, but it could be anything where you have to unravel, think carefully and work out certain problems. These problems could be solved in a number of different ways, it could be numerically, via language or problem-solving.

Keep yourself grey matter as fresh as a daisy for longer

What brain teasers have been known for is keeping dementia and senility away for longer. It doesn’t offer a cure, but by keeping your brain active, you’re keeping your mind sharp. Rather than by doing repetitive work you help to keep your memory sharp and your cognitive skills well honed. This relates to everyone. You also reduce boredom and remain active. Keep in mind however, that you need to consider changing what you do on a regular basis as your brain will soon get bored of doing the same thing over and over again.

Escape Hull – where your brain is given the best workout it’ll ever get.

Yes, come on down to Escape Hull and you can indulge all your senses in a 1-hour game of problem solving locked in a themed room. Find the clues, work them out, unlock them all using your scintillating brain power and then, whether you work it all out in 60 minutes or not, come back and do it all again. Book your room online or by phone, we’re here for you and we can’t wait to see you. 

Escape Room Hints & Tips

We know that our escape games can be hard to crack, after all they’re not meant to be too easy, or otherwise there’d be no enjoyment. However, we know that at the same time you want at least a fighting chance of escaping, and with this in mind, we’ve decided to give you some hints and tips, so you have a few tricks up your sleeve so you can escape within the hour. 

Team work

One of the most important gambits to have is team work, without it will mean an even harder journey ahead. If everyone works together and as one, then you’ll have a far better chance of getting out in time. Don’t let one person dominate, everyone must have an opportunity to speak. Don’t bicker over clues, and if you struggle with one, move on to the next and see if you can crack the next one. If you stick with that one stubborn clue you’re stuck with you could well run out of time, and that is one thing you don’t have on your side. 


There are clues everywhere but not where you can see them. They’re all well-hidden. If you work as a team, and that’s something we’ve already gone over above, then once you find them you can pool them together and work out what they all mean. Once you’ve found them, place them in one central area, whatever you do, don’t allow someone to flick them somewhere in a corner where it’s more than likely they’ll forget where they put them. Misplaced clues will cost you precious time. 

Don’t let someone dominate

We’ve already mentioned teamwork and how important it to not let one person dominate. This can easily happen, especially if you’ve got one strong minded person who’s chosen all the members for their ability to remain quiet. This is a game for groups of individuals all working together as a team, so allowing one person to dominate it will not only give you a slim chance of winning, it will also ruin it for everyone else. If everyone is allowed their say, then there’s more chance of you finding the clues quicker and thus being able to solve the entire game quicker. 

Keep your eyes peeled

Remember to look absolutely everywhere, don’t leave any corner unturned. Make sure that each member of your team is in every corner too, lifting cushions, books and tables in a bid to find that elusive clue. Sooner you find them the sooner you leave. 

Escape Hull – for escape room dynamics

So, Hull is where it’s at, now you know how a little more about how to utilise your time in the escape room, you can bring your team down to pit yourself against the game. You may win, or you may lose, whatever the outcome, you will enjoy yourself so much, you’ll want to come back! Book now!